SMYDStall Management Yaw Damper (aviation)
SMYDSarasota Manatee Young Democrats (Florida)
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Guban said that the commission came from former Philippine National Police Senior Superintendent Eduardo Acierto for getting SMYD Trading to accept the shipment containing four magnetic lifters that allegedly contained one ton of methamphetamine worth P6.8 billion.
It was SMYD Trading that allegedly consigned the four magnetic lifters where the P6.8-billion illegal drugs, later raised to P11 billion, was kept.
4:17~).(20) Egyptian monuments of the Middle Kingdom show cakes of bread of different shapes but all of a size small enough to fit into a "bottle."(21) It was perhaps a vessel of this sort that should have been, but was not, sealed with a stopper or covered with a lid (smyd) which was tied down (ptyl) and sealed with a seal.(22)
The alleged consignee for the magnetic lifters supposedly containing P6.8 billion worth shabu is SMYD Trading, owned by Marina Signapan.
It does not include clan names, such as 'b'zr, Hlq, or Smyd' in the Samaria Ostraca, which are districts named after eponyms in the genealogy of the tribe Manasseh (Josh.
North American Association for the Smyd of Obesity.
Later, Gordon also cited for contempt and ordered the detention in the Senate of Marina Signapan of SMYD Trading, 'consignee on record' of the shipment of magnetic lifters.
Marina dela Cruz Signapan, owner of SMYD Trading; and Emily Luquingan, ex-wife of Hsu Chun Chung alias "Pony Chung," were turned over to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on Tuesday by the NBI.Both are now held at the Office of the Sergeant at Arms (OSAA) at the Senate building.
Charges also were recommended against former Manila International Container Terminal District Collector Vener Baquiran, former customs appraiser Dolores Domingo, as well as Marina Signapan and Katrina Cuasay, employees of SMYD Trading, for violating the BOC policy against 'sectioning.'
Marina Signapan of SMYD Trading claimed that suspicious looking men had been watching her house and following her around, her counsel Katrina Talon told the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.
Lapena furthered had Aquino "only tried to observe and implement what is provided in EO 15, at the time they were conducting their operations on Vecaba and SMYD, this problem had been avoided."
Robert Ace Barbers, committee chairman, said his panel would again invite Marina Signapan, owner of SMYD Trading, after she failed to attend yesterday's third hearing on the supposed smuggling case.