SMYESpring Meeting of Young Economists (conference)
SMYEStrawberry Mild Yellow Edge (plant disease)
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Josephine Bennett claimed the only success for Stars, with an 11-7, 10-12, 11-13, 11-6, 11-5 triumph over Wafiq, while also taking Smye the distance in an entertaining clash, eventually losing by an 11-7, 11-7, 9-11, 6-11, 6-11 margin.
"You still have volcanism on stagnant lid planets, but it's much shorter lived than on planets with plate tectonics because there isn't as much cycling," said Smye. "Volcanoes result in a succession of lava flows, which are buried like layers of a cake over time.
However, with further research, Carol found that after reaching a stable condition, clients often acknowledge that they did in fact need treatment and express appreciation for the intervention (Anderson, Bowers, & Evans, 1997; Goldner, Birmingham, & Smye, 1997; Guarda et al., 2007).
No modelo teorico que simula a cinetica da ureia proposto por Smye e Colaboradores (1998) sugere-se que a baixa perfusao muscular e um fator limitante para o clearence deste soluto no final da hemodialise.
Others to note include Whatsabillion (Don't Know Syndicate), Hurricane Carter (Gerry Smye Syndicate) and Fivestar Alstars (Trainers First Syndicate) who showed promise.
Dave Smye survived a tight five-set encounter with Jean-Paul Vincent and Stockham battled past Gokhan Aydoghu.
Aboriginal people may be reluctant to engage health care practitioners, or to follow their advice because of the unequal power relations that they perceive exist between them (Browne & Smye, 2000; Paterson et al., 2006; Wright, 2009).
In the veterans' categories, Sutton's Martin Round pipped Colebridge's Neil Wheatley 11-5 in the decider in the over-50s but Wheatley took the over-60s prize with a straight games win over Dave Smye (Kingshurst).
Concerning the physical aspect of their healing practices, there is one instance in the text where the bon healer Smra-bon Zing-ba washes the patient's mouth sores in snow and his hand sores in a lake:smara bon zing ba mchis I lam ba mchis smra I bon zing ba vis I kha strive gangs la bgrus I lag smye misho las bkrus (PT 1285.
While physiotherapists have been educated to provide culturally sensitive care that recognises beliefs, meanings and practices specific to cultural groups (Kirkham, Smye, and Tang, 2002), the concept of cultural safety and its application to practice is less well understood.
Today's market demands a targeted effort to sell to women, said Rebecca Maddox, a founding principal of Maddox Smye LLC, a counseling company that helps businesses reach out more effectively to women.
Pat Smye,a resident in Castle Drive which has single yellow lines running along either side of the road,has complained to the council.