SMYLeSwansea Muslim Youth League
SMYLEStudents Making Young Lives Easier (McGill University; Canada)
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After a promising early round, Dilks visibly tired as Smyle altered the balance of the three three-minute rounds contest, eventually taking the win with two ringside judges giving him the nod 29-28.
The other half of the draw appears to be weaker, though Wayne Reed, who has a KO victory over Smyle under his belt, could be a dangerman.
It's nice to have that support, especially when it's for where you're from," said Chris Nelson, who co-founded The Future with longtime friend Matt Smyles.
The rights to Of Mice and Men will be taken over by Steinbeck and Smyle in 2012 and rights to The Grapes of Wrath in 2014.
However it would be disappointment for Dilks as Smyle took a split decision route into the semi-finals getting the nod 29-28 twice on the scorecards.
Steinbeck's son, Thomas Steinbeck, and granddaughter Blake Smyle are reportedly seeking greater ownership of 'The Grapes of Wrath' and other classic novels, and are suing Elaine's estate for at least GBP9.
The other Liverpool lights went out at the quarter-final stage as Robin Reid lost to finalist Webb whilst Carl Dilks could not get beyond Jahmaine Smyle in his first bout of the evening.
Davies battered Nathan Brook to defeat inside three rounds and now meets Leicester power puncher Jahmaine Smyle on Les Allen jnr's sold-out dinner show at the Hilton Hotel on Saturday, December 4, that is topped by Sean McKervey challenging Midlands Area welterweight champion Kevin McCauley.
SMYLE prototype developed by Drakontas to help groups of users easily share locations, text messages, photos and even graphical annotations in a real-time collaborative environment that is automatically updated with street maps
Former world champion Reid tackles Tobias Webb and could face Dilks in the last four, but the Liverpool man must get beyond Jahmaine Smyle first.
Capitol ABC light-heavyweight Joe Sheriff was outpointed by unbeaten power puncher Jahmaine Smyle (Boxing Academy of Leicester) after a hard-fought Class A bout.