SMYLeSwansea Muslim Youth League
SMYLeSharing Money for Your Layaway Expenditures
SMYLeStudents Making Young Lives Easier (McGill University; Canada)
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The redesigned Geberit bathroom series Smyle has an even more delicate and modern look.
In October, the couple were told Eye Smyle were splitting into two firms.
* Smyle: With its contemporary design and ornate lines, this series creates a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience.
The other half of the draw appears to be weaker, though Wayne Reed, who has a KO victory over Smyle under his belt, could be a dangerman.
George Agius (aged 17) and Sara Smyle (aged 16) from Jumeirah College also jointly won the 'Spirit of the Young Musicians Award.'
The publishing rights to 10 of the early novels of US author John Steinbeck have been awarded to the writer's son and granddaughter, Thomas Steinbeck and Blake Smyle, by a judge in the US.
In review of 200 studies Doolette and Smyle (1990) reported, mulching reduces soil erosion between 78 and 98 percent; each of the four composts in this study reduced total solids loss between 97 and 99 percent.
Lennox, unbeaten in 18 (one draw), produced the finest performance of his career to outpoint Jahmaine Smyle for the IBO belt.
That win puts McKenzie in line for a shot at the St Georges belt - currently worn by Leicester powerhouse Jahmaine Smyle - but the 37 year-old said afterwards:"There are various things I can go for."
'Dynamite' fell at the first hurdle in last week's super-middleweight tournament at The Olympia, losing a split decision against Jahmaine Smyle in the quarter-finals.
In addition, Drakontas, a New Jersey-based provider of geospatial tools for the law enforcement and criminal justice communities, will offer live demonstrations of its new SMYLE prototype, which allows user groups the opportunity to easily share locations, text messages, photos, and even graphical annotations in real-time collaborative environments.
Steinbeck's son, Thomas Steinbeck, and granddaughter Blake Smyle are reportedly seeking greater ownership of 'The Grapes of Wrath' and other classic novels, and are suing Elaine's estate for at least GBP9.7m.