SMYSSpecified Minimum Yield Strength (steel pipe)
SMySSupport My System Ltd (UK)
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Dents installed with 72%SMYS pressure in pipe and cycled to failure at Ac = 72% SMYS.
New standards for higher stress lines: The NPRM proposes to regulate Class 1 gas gathering lines with an MAOP that produces a hoop stress of 20% or more of SMYS for metallic lines, or more than 125 psig for non-metallic lines, and that are at least 8 inches in outside diameter.
With alternative MAOP pipelines operating at up to 80% SMYS, PHMSA wanted to eliminate any potential low-strength pipe in these pipelines.
PHMSA has already given a number of major pipelines approval to operate at 80 percent of SMYS under special permits.
Cycle counting results in a dataset that reports all of the cycles counted from the input data along with the magnitude of the cycle (in terms of %SMYS--a line operating at 50% of SMYS that cycled from slack to M(A)OP would have 1 cycle through 50% SMYS).
A similar exception is not allowed if the component other than pipe is being replaced or added to steel pipelines that operate at less than 30% of SMYS ([section][section] 192.
8 Code that pipelines could operate safely at stress levels up to 80 percent of SMYS.
Critical detection targets correspond to axial stress levels of 60% and 75% specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) and monitoring detection targets correspond to the axial stress level of 90% SMYS.
Under the proposed rule, companies would have to do a full integrity management (IM) program on lines operating at or below 20 percent SMYS, located in or within a quarter-mile of a USA.
Those concerns and others aside, INGAA has made a counter proposal which includes submission of some of the new information PHMSA would like to have, such as the pipe arterial, the nominal pipe diameter, pipe coating, whether a low-stress pipeline is using the 30% SMYS threshold and some other items.
But 20 percent of SMYS or below exemption would cover 18 percent of those utility lines.
For lines operating above 40 SMYS, the operator must either install a full encirclement split sleeve or replace the pipe.