SMZSulfamethoxazole (antibiotic)
SMZStreamside Management Zone
SMZSilver Mt. Zion (band)
SMZSpecial Management Zone (land)
SMZSymmetric Mach-Zehnder (structure)
SMZShallow Moist Zone
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In addition to previous results which include constant COF, multi-frictional SMZ was simulated.
Likewise, CGA was significantly associated with TMP/ SMZ resistance among the isolates from areas other than Africa and Asia (p<0.
Standard curve: Stock solutions for SMZ and AcSMZ (1.
Digital photos of the holotype female were taken using a Nikon Coolpix 8400 mounted on a Nikon SMZ stereomicroscope.
The Fiber-Lite MI-150 ringlight system has been introduced for a series of OEM-type stereo microscopes: Nikon SMZ Series, Olympus SZ Series, Leica S4/S6/S8APO, and the Unitron ZST and ZSB.
Zlotkin SH, Christofides AL, Hyder SMZ, Schauer CS, Tondeur MC, Sharieff W.
Para ello, cada pupa fue examinada al microscopio estereoscopico (Nikon SMZ 800) haciendo enfasis en su parte ventral toracica.
For instance, the Georgia Best Management Practices for Forestry state that "management activities may occur within the SMZ provided that the disturbance to soil or groundcover is minimized.
loaded SMZ is flushed with >50 pore volumes of water (Li and Bowman 2002).
Las muestras fueron medidas utilizando un microscopio estereoscopico Nikon SMZ 800 y un equipo de analisis de imagenes Nikon DS-L1 junto con una camara digital DS-5M.
SMZ width and removal level did significantly affect the felling and skidding operations.
Then measurements were carried out in the SMZ Jelsava Magnesite Mine in Jelsava (Slovakia).