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SMaSHSingle Malt and Single Hop (brewing)
SMaSHSystems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
SMaSHSimultaneous Acquisition of Spatial Harmonics
SMaSHSimple, Many And Self-Healing (IBM supercomputer architecture)
SMaSHStudent Ministries at Southern Heights
SMaSHSan Bernardino Movement Against Street Hoodlums (San Bernadino, CA)
SMaSHSelf-powered Multi-fuel Army Space Heater
SMaSHSave Motorcyclists and Support Helmets Coalition
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And when the news went around that these were part of the survivors of the three-masted schooner, Mary Turner, smashed into kindling wood and sunk by a whale, the elderly females no more believed than had they the yarn of the sunken island.
But news of a cash infusion into Smash International could buoy the spirits of about 300 investors who have a stake in the firm, including the 150 mostly Lane County residents who three years ago sunk $341,500 in a direct public stock offering by Smash.
Another non-instant mash product launched by Smash are Smash Browns -- an instant way to produce American style hash browns.
In April 2017, Hiba Balfaqih, co-founder of The Smash Room, was going through a very difficult time in her life.
Smash factor is the ratio between the speed of the ball and how fast the club was moving.
Also on June 12, Nintendo will start the "Super Smash Bros." Invitational 2018 tournament.
Army's Haider smashed ferociously to take the lead in the third game which they maintained till 16-14, But Mubarak smashed intelligently and blocked brilliantly to even the points and then it was left for Naseer and Idrees to take hold of the game and finish it at 25-21.
e major route was closed at the junction of Cornmeadow Lane while emergency services cleared the smash and investigations took place.
A FURIOUS tiler smashed up his home with a baseball bat after discovering his lover with another man.
Former Smash Hits editor Barry McIlheney has been brought in to produce the tribute.
"He was seen to throw a wine bottle at the front window of Phones4You, causing two windows to smash. Having got an appetite for smashing windows, he picked up a shovel.
The youngster was air-lifted to Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham suffering head injuries after the smash in Tile Hill Lane, Tile Hill, on February 13.