SMoRGSensoriMotor Research Group (Arizona State University)
SMoRGSurface Molecular Organic (organic molecule contamination)
SMoRGSmall-to-Medium sized Business
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There are doubtless some who would not have a business were they not able to lake advantage of the platform the Smorg provides.
Each has made it past the gatekeepers, the Smorg panel, and that fact alone lends itself to a sense of community as "the chosen few." Mutual respect and a sense of healthy competition are also part of the Smorg ethos.
In an era when strategies to create jobs are hotly debated, the economic growth stimulated by the Smorg is evidenced by businesses that have thrived as a direct result of the opportunity the Smorg offers.
The Smorg's feedback loop generates fertile ground for the many entrepreneurial vendors.
At a recent Smorg, which begins at 10:00 AM, Victor's Famous Empanadas had sold out by 1:30; that's 350 empanadas.
Connie Sun has also been quite busy in her small corner of the Smorg as well as in the city at large.
Since being at the Smorg, we've had lots of opportunities.
Their participation in the Smorg has helped Ann Mellman and Janet Chung to "solidify We Rub You's business philosophy and identity." The sisters ditched the dresses and now don bright red headbands, pink t-shirts and We Rub You arm tattoos.
Meaningful work is an invaluable resource produced by the Smorg that in today's market is increasingly in short supply.
Seamus McGowan and Richard O''Sullivan set up Smorgs Ltd specifically to purchase Travelodge's eight Irish hotels and five Little Chef restaurants.