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SN-Stage IIIB NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer)
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Caption: Figure 9: Comparison of mechanical properties of Sn-5Sb [18] and Sn- 10Sb: (a) tensile strength, (b) 0.1% proof stress, and (c) elongation.
At 220[degrees]C, the contact angles which were used to determine the extent of wetting changed critically from 150[degrees] to 30[degrees], but the wettability of Sn- 30Bi-0.5Cu changed slightly at 275[degrees]C and 350[degrees]C, especially at 350[degrees]C.
For longer wetting times, greater than 15 min, the thickness of the [gamma]-[Cu.sub.5][Zn.sub.8] phase continues to increase, while [epsilon]-Cu[Zn.sub.4] in the case of Sn- Zn/Cu couples begins to disappear and grows very little in the case of Sn-Zn-1.5% In/Cu couples.