SNA-SCStudent Nurses' Association of South Carolina (pre-professional group)
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Reports were received from the SCNA President, Vicki Green, Treasurer, Alice Wyatt, SNA-SC mentor, Connie Varn, and CEO Judith Thompson.
We would like to recognize and introduce two of our own SNA-SC Executive Board members who were elected to National Board positions.
Start getting ready for the SNA-SC 56th Annual Convention!!!
SNA-SC President-Jessica Simpkins: Jessica is the current President of the Student Nurses Association of South Carolina.
* November 2005 -- All but one member of the SNA-SC Executive Board attended the NSNA Mid-Year Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.
* November 2006 -- All of the SNA-SC Executive Board Members attended the MidYear conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
Immediate past SNA-SC President and current Chair of the Council of State Presidents Jordan Stoner, was featured in a NSNA "Imprint" article about the NSNA Board trip to Louisiana and Mississippi to visit nursing schools.