SNABSalters-Nuffield Advanced Biology (UK A Level specification)
SNABSchoolnet National Advisory Board (Canada)
SNABSwiss National Association for the Blind
SNABStichting Noordhollandse Alternatieve Bierbrouwers (Dutch: North Holland Alternative Beer Brewers Foundation; Netherlands)
SNABSyndicat National Autonome des Bibliothèques (French: National Union of Autonomous Libraries)
SNABSociété Nouvelle des Abatteurs Bressuirais (French: Bressuirais Society of New Fenders)
SNABSo Not A Bug (invalid software bug report)
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Biology outside the classroom: the SNAB visit/issue report.
The current phase of privatisation 1992-2002 Company Sector 1999 Tabaqueira (2nd phase) Tobacco SNAB (2nd phase) Factory ship Portugal Telecom (4th phase) Telecommunications BRISA (3rd phase) Motorways Fapajal Paper Papel do Prado Paper Carbolis Chemical (industrial gas) 2000 Dragapor Construction (dredging) Tabaqueira (3rd phase] Tobacco GALP (2nd phase) Gas Driftal Chemical (plastics) EDP (4th phase) Electricity Portugal Telecom (5th phase) Telecommunications 2001-2002 [1] ANA Airport management BRISA (4th phase) Motorways CIMPOR (4th phase) Cement GALP (3rd phase) Gas Papercel Paper Portucel Industrial (2nd phase) Paper Portucel Florestal Paper Soporcel (2nd phase) Paper TAP Air transportation Company Proceeds (million euros) 1999 Tabaqueira (2nd phase) 71.
In the flooded streets of the coastal town of Snabs in the Eastern Province on Wednesday, a middle-aged Saudi man was filmed sitting on a thick polystyrene board pushing himself forward with a pole.