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SNACSymantec Network Access Control (software)
SNACSymantec Network Access Control
SNACSna Network Access Controller
SNACSystems and Network Attack Center
SNACSyndicat National des Auteurs et des Compositeurs (French: National Union of Authors and Composers)
SNACSalcaprozate Sodium
SNACSystems and Network Attack Center (NSA)
SNACScientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning
SNACSunday Night After Church
SNACSingle Network Access Code (INMARSAT)
SNACSignificant New Activity (Canadian Environmental Protection Act)
SNACSentinel Node versus Axillary Clearance (clinical trial; Royal Australasian College of Surgeons)
SNACSMS/800 Number Administration Committee
SNACSwedish National Allocations Committee
SNACScaphoid Nonunion Advanced Collapse
SNACSyndicat National des Agriculteurs Comoriens (French: National Farmers' Union of Comoros)
SNACStandard North American Corporate (finance)
SNACSocial Networks and Cyberinfrastructure
SNACSyndicat National des Affaires Culturelles (French: National Union of Cultural Affairs)
SNACSchool Neighborhood Advisory Committee
SNACStade Nantais Athletic Club (French: Nantes Stadium Athletic Club; France)
SNACSport Nutrition for the Athletes of Canada
SNACSyndicat National de l'Aviation Civile
SNACSub-Network Access
SNACAssociation pour la Sécurité de La Nourriture pour Animaux de Compagnie (French: Pet Food Safety Association)
SNACStanding North Atlantic Council
SNACSEMO Negros Activity Council
SNACSingle Network Adaptive Critic Architecture
SNACSimple Network for Atomic Communication
SNACSharing News About Christ
SNACSociété Nantaise d'Aménagement de Combles (French interior design company)
SNACSMS Numbering Administration Committee (ATIS)
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Lia: Is the SNAC panel making a difference in your cafeteria menu?
A Fisher exact test also was performed to identify statistically significant differences between proportions of cases that demonstrated positive staining for SNAC and REAH, SNAC and IP, and SNAC and CS for each stain.
For information on the committee goals, structure and responsibilities, please see the SNAC Structure attachment.
Untreated scapholunate dissociation with a hyperflexed position of the scaphoid gives rise to cartilage degeneration between the joint surfaces of the dorsal radius and the scaphoid, equivalent to a stage II SNAC wrist.
SNAC, which is based on Emispherea[euro](tm)s Eligen Technology, facilitates transport of these and other hormones with low oral bioavailability across biological membranes, such as those of the gastrointestinal tract.
Eligen[R] technology utilizes a special molecular "carrier" known as SNAC (sodium N-[8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino]caprylate).
So just imagine my reaction when I was directed to a Web page called SNAC.
0 and SNAC enable enterprises to extend NAC protection to every type of network access, such as VPN, wireless routers, DHCP, and all endpoints, including laptops, desktops, servers, guest systems and embedded devices, the company claims.
Vender (10) identified the predictable and time-dependent development of arthritis in scaphoid non-unions and coined the term SNAC (scaphoid non-union advanced collapse).
New enhancements include conversion of Conventional Spread quotes to upfront payments for investment grade CDS and the ability to import the SNAC LIBOR curve needed for these calculations.
A maioria dos estudos nao avaliaram todas as habilidades envolvidas, desta forma, nao analisou a eficiencia do processamento neural em diferentes niveis dentro do SNAC.
The published data show that the orally administered peptide, when administered with Emisphere's SNAC carrier, is rapidly absorbed from the gut, leading to tenfold higher plasma concentrations compared to control.