SNADSignificantly Not as Described
SNADSyndicat National des Agents des Douanes (French: National Association of Customs Agents; Niger)
SNADSyndicat National des Activités du Déchet (French: National Union of Waste Activity)
SNADSimple Net Art Diagram
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Recently SNAD process [16] was developed at Dalian University of Technology (China) which also incorporated denitrification process.
It was observed in the SNAD process that denitrifying bacteria population worked in harmony with AOB and Anammox to remove simultaneously ammonium and COD from the wastewater under oxygen-limited conditions [16].
SNAD is an improved version of Emisphere's delivery agent, Sodium N-[8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino] caprylate (SNAC), currently in Phase III development with an oral solution formulation of heparin.
The results of these efforts are reflected in the development of SNAD, which represents the first time we have taken a carrier from discovery to final dosage form on our own.
400 interconnects are the several DEC electronic mail services--VMSmail, Ultrix Mail, and the All-in-1 Office System--and Telex, MCI Mail, and IBM's SNADS and PROFS.
Connectors for PROFS/OV and SNADS add yet another important component to our complete package of Intranet communications solutions," said Larry Zito, executive vice president of products at Attachmate Corp.
Connector for SNADS allows users of Microsoft Exchange Server to transparently send and receive electronic mail information to and from users on IBM.