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Well 7324/6-1 encountered an approximate 60-metre sandstone layer with poor reservoir quality in the upper part of the Snadd formation.
The well is targeting Triassic Snadd Formation sands with a secondary objective in the Middle Jurassic Sto Formation and has an estimated duration of around 40 days.
In the Snadd formation, sandy intervals were encountered with poor reservoir quality.
The Gjokasen Deep well encountered moderate to good quality reservoir in the Snadd Formation, poor to moderate quality reservoir in the Middle to Lower Triassic Kobbe Formation and poor quality reservoir in the Lower Triassic upper Havert and Klappmyss Formations.
In the upper part of the Snadd formation, the well encountered a water-filled sandstone reservoir totalling about 30 metres with moderate to good reservoir quality.
25 metres of the Snadd formation was drilled, and the formation proved to be aquiferous and of variable reservoir quality.
In the Snadd formation, the well encountered about 32 metres of tight aquiferous sandstone.
Well 7317/9-1 encountered multiple sandstone layers in both exploration targets, totalling about 60 metres in the Realgrunn sub-group and about 50 metres that are preliminarily correlated to the Snadd formation.
Several intervals of water-filled sandstone with moderate reservoir quality were encountered in the secondary exploration target in the Fruholmen and Snadd formation.
The well would try out the Kvalross prospect that has substantial oil and gas resource potential within the lower Triassic Klappmyss Formation clinoform reservoir, and the Kvaltann prospect, which has additional oil potential within a mid-late Triassic Snadd Formation channel.
The well will also target the Kvaltann Prospect consisting of channel sandstones in the Middle Triassic Snadd Formation.
The PL 799 licence is located close to the Skarv field, brought onstream in late 2012, and the Snadd field, for which a field development plan is being matured.