SNAEStrategic Nuclear Arms Elimination
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The children are encouraged to "develop familiarity with democratic principles, working methods and processes through participation, exercising influence and take responsibility in the activities" (SNAE, 2011, rev.
The Swedish curriculum for the compulsory school, the preschool class and school-age educare (SNAE, 2011, rev.
As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, the Swedish National Agency for Education has adopted this designation in their newly launched English Translation of the Swedish Curriculum (SNAE, 2011, rev.
42) shows that some teachers towards work in school-age educare centres criticize concepts used in the part of the curriculum regulating the school-age educare centres (SNAE, 2011, rev.
When a different algorithm that minimized only radial error (weighting ratio 1.0:0.0) and not both radial error and SNAE (weighting ratio 0.8:0.2) was used to align socket shapes, the calculated MREs were reduced, but not in equal proportion for all sockets (Figure 5).
These sockets were ordered from smallest to largest mean SNAE (Figure 8).
We inspected plots of SNAE distribution for the 15 sockets to explore why some sockets deemed clinically acceptable had high mean SNAE.
A comparison of plots of SNAE distribution (Figure 9(a) and (b), left panels) with plots of radial error distribution (Figure 9(a) and (b), right panels) showed that SNAEs tended to concentrate at locations of high change (gradient) in radial error.
Also the term for leisure-time centre has shifted over the years and the translations for the centres from Swedish to English is now school-age educare (Klerfelt & Rohlin, 2012; SNAE, 2011, rev.
While the mechanisms defining these similarities have not been elucidated, it is believed that chronic inflammation, which remains a constant between these diseases, contributes to SNAEs caused by these diseases.
The source of chronic inflammation observed during cART-treated HIV infection has been an area of intense research in recent years, as it is believed to be the underlying cause for the increased risk of SNAEs that are progressively seen in clinics caring for HIV-infected persons treated with cART.
With the majority of cART-eligible HIV-infected persons now receiving treatment, SNAEs have increased and are one of the greatest health concerns for HIV-infected persons.