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SNAFStandard North American Family
SNAFSoviet Naval Air Force
SNAFSecuring Networks with ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances) Foundation (Cisco)
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All this amounted to sufficient grounds for SNAF crews to consider themselves "suicide bombers" even without the enemy's presence.
SNAF planners found that interceptor crews were quite dependent on the opinions of air controllers or FDOs, even in essence psychologically subordinate to them.
Thus, even on the big SNAF planes, of all the Tupolev models, an advancing number of pilots had fighter training in their backgrounds.
Historically, bombing units of the SNAF had flown land-based, twin-engine dive-bombers, beginning with the Pe-2.
A small number of the Naval College graduates with military occupational specialties in navigation or ASW were trapped in the crews of Tu-16 or Tu-142 units of the SNAF.
Their lives reduced to a series of black and white photographs, targeted women are paraded before the public as being irresponsible and ignorant, reminding all who mother that failure to fully comply with SNAF and biomedical expectations will lead to similarly tragic results.
Strands of the SNAF and bio-medical discourses run through the federal documents generalizing the mothering work of impoverished women to the poster story.
Striving to embody the stories of SNAF and obstetrics, target women's mothering work is detected by invisible light beams of controlling stories.
SNAF sustains the biomedical discourse on childbirth (Murphy-Lawless, 1998) focusing government efforts on reforming targeted women's behavior, in lieu of effectively engaging obstetricians in the care of Medicaid patients, and demanding a reduction of poverty.