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SNAFStandard North American Family
SNAFSoviet Naval Air Force
SNAFSecuring Networks with ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances) Foundation (Cisco)
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This semi-separation of the SNAF from the navy created, without doubt, neglect on the part of the "true" naval officer communities, surface and submarine.
SNAF staffs found that the main skills of the carriers' attack squadrons (medium and light) changed twice.
29) The first and foremost issue that had to be considered by SNAF staffs was the approach to the target, which involved not only the best possible tactics but the weapons abilities too.
All this amounted to sufficient grounds for SNAF crews to consider themselves "suicide bombers" even without the enemy's presence.
Federal documents examining the national IMR blame maternal deviation from the SNAF narrative for low-birth-weight babies and subsequent infant deaths.
These conditions reproduce social inequality (Bourdieu and Passoron, 1990), precluding attainment of the SNAF ideal.
Although use of alcohol and tobacco may be found among SNAF mothers, their drug use is hidden from public view.
Their lives reduced to a series of black and white photographs, targeted women are paraded before the public as being irresponsible and ignorant, reminding all who mother that failure to fully comply with SNAF and biomedical expectations will lead to similarly tragic results.