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"It's that interruption of services that can really have a public health impact," said Snair, who previously served as senior program analyst for critical infrastructure and environmental health security at the National Association of County and City Health Officials.
Snair said it is not only health-related data and systems at risk, but physical infrastructure, too.
"We're also doing surveys of judges and court staff, including clerks, because we want to hear from insiders, as well as those on the outside," Snair said.
"The last plan produced a lot of change in the system," Snair said, pointing out that then Chief Justice Peggy Quince created a Governance Study Group, chaired by Justice Ricky Polston, that resulted in "a number of things that changed significantly, in terms of how the Supreme Court governs the system."
"The strategic plan will articulate the major issues facing the court system over the next 20 years, and outline priority goals and strategies to address those issues," Snair said.
"We ask participants about their attitudes toward various public institutions including the Florida court system so we can get a sense on where we stand relative to local governments and different state government entities," Snair said.
Snair, 61, passed away May 20, 2009 at Rose Monahan Hospice Home.
The Worcester State 3,200-relay team of juniors Chris Mancuso, Rob Lind and Forest Wilbur and senior Justin Snair clocked in at a school-record 8:01.25.
Adam Malek (26:33.9) finished 98th, Rob Lind (26:54.1) 116th and Justin Snair (26:58) 120th.
The two have been going back and fourth so far this season as the Lancers' fourth and fifth runners, and are being followed closely by Justin Snair, a former T&G All-Star from Doherty and the only senior on Harper's squad.
"There's a straight-dropping cliff on the course," said former Doherty harrier Justin Snair, third in the Central Mass.
(Snair) Plante, 61, of Worcester, died Wednesday, January 17th, in St.