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SNAKESpecial Needs Assessment for Katrina Evacuees
SNAKESmart Network Automated Kickstart Environment (software)
SNAKESupraleitendes Nanoskop für Angewandte Kernphysikalische Experimente (German: Superconducting Nanoprobe for Applied Nuclear Physics Experiments)
SNAKE[not an acronym] nickname for AH1 Cobra gunship used in Vietnam
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Lady Arabella, be she woman or snake or devil, owned the ground she moved in, according to British law, and the law is jealous and swift to avenge wrongs done within its ken.
"One other will be enough to make him loosen his coils!" cried Tom, as he fired again, and such was the killing power of the electric bullets that the snake, though an immense one, and one that short of decapitation could have received many injuries without losing power, seemed to shrivel up.
Professor Bumper seemed to fall backward as the grip of the serpent relaxed, but Tom, dropping his rifle, and calling to Ned to keep an eye on the snake, leaped forward and caught his friend.
Pushing forward, therefore, with renovated spirits, he reached Snake River by nightfall, and there fixed his encampment.
The Snake River here wound its devious way between low banks through the great plain of the Three Butes; and was bordered by wide and fertile meadows.
He looked for a moment at the black depths behind the ceiling-cloth, at the carcass of the mangled snake under foot, and last, a grey glaze setting on his face, at the thing under the table-cloth.
"Thou hast no other desire?" the big snake demanded.
By one of these persons, in the exultation of a supposed cure, it was proclaimed far and wide, by dint of handbills and little pamphlets on dingy paper, that a distinguished gentleman, Roderick Elliston, Esq., had been relieved of a SNAKE in his stomach!
You might have told me there was a snake behind me!' I said petulantly.
His foot swelled up pretty big, and so did his leg; but by and by the drunk begun to come, and so I judged he was all right; but I'd druther been bit with a snake than pap's whisky.
If you read the old books of natural history, you will find they say that when the mongoose fights the snake and happens to get bitten, he runs off and eats some herb that cures him.
The Shoshonies are a branch of the once powerful and prosperous tribe of the Snakes, who possessed a glorious hunting country about the upper forks of the Missouri, abounding in beaver and buffalo.