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SNAKESpecial Needs Assessment for Katrina Evacuees
SNAKESmart Network Automated Kickstart Environment (software)
SNAKESupraleitendes Nanoskop für Angewandte Kernphysikalische Experimente (German: Superconducting Nanoprobe for Applied Nuclear Physics Experiments)
SNAKE[not an acronym] nickname for AH1 Cobra gunship used in Vietnam
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His rifle was also discharged in the direction of the snake, and Tom saw that the hit was a good one, right through the ugly head of the reptile.
He was not merely a big snake, I thought--he was a circus monstrosity.
We were stung by scorpions, chased by wild beasts, bitten by snakes, and finally, after having nearly reached the desired spot,--after swimming rivers, encountering wild beasts, sleeping in the woods, suffering hunger and nakedness,--we were overtaken by our pursuers, and, in our resistance, we were shot dead upon the spot
On recognising him, the fang of the snake Jealousy was instantly broken; because at the same moment my love for Celine sank under an extinguisher.
She heard something rustling on the matting and when she looked down she saw a little snake gliding along and watching her with eyes like jewels.
When my Em'ly took flight,' he said, in stern wrath for the moment, 'from the house wheer she was made a prisoner by that theer spotted snake as Mas'r Davy see, - and his story's trew, and may GOD confound him
he went on, taking my watch out of my pocket, and turning towards him a ring on my finger, while I recoiled from his touch as if he had been a snake, "a gold 'un and a beauty: that's a gentleman's, I hope
Peace, and let me see if my snake will tell me where the cattle are.
I am now teaching him the Master Words of the Jungle that shall protect him with the birds and the Snake People, and all that hunt on four feet, except his own pack.
A hunt after hunters Hungry times A voracious repast Wintry weather Godin's River Splendid winter scene on the great Lava Plain of Snake River Severe travelling and tramping in the snow Manoeuvres of a solitary Indian horseman Encampment on Snake River Banneck Indians The horse chief His charmed life.
So I blay snake against monkey, and he keep quite still.
Skin-changing always makes a snake moody and depressed till the new skin begins to shine and look beautiful.