SNAP-PEScore for Neonatal Acute Physiology Perinatal Extension
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A total of 134 NICU newborns (of whom 19 had early-onset infection and 115 no infection) were available for investigating the associations of SNAP and SNAP-PE scores as well as maternal and perinatal factors with each study marker in the infected and uninfected neonate at birth and 24 and 48 h of life.
Given that the SNAP-PE score is calculated by adding perinatal factors to those that determine the SNAP score, the two scores were highly correlated; the Pearson coefficient of linear correlation was 0.945, which implied that the associations between the markers CRP, IL-6, and PCT and the SNAP-PE score were likely to be similar to those found for the SNAP score.
From this, SNAP-PE captures SNAP physiology scores, combining them with other risk factors to provide an overall risk of mortality (5).
Our results show that among babies without infection, the higher the SNAP and SNAP-PE scores, the greater the IL-6 response at birth.