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SNAPSStudent Needs And Priorities Survey
SNAPSState Negotiated Agreement Price Schedule (Florida)
SNAPSSeronegative Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
SNAPSStandard Navy Altimetry Processing System
SNAPSShips/Shipboard Nontactical Automation Program System
SNAPSSimple Non-redundant Assembly of Protein Sequences
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His pride kept his mouth shut, but the result of the chilling of his lungs in the cold snap could not be concealed.
A second cold snap came on, but cold or warm it was all the same, an unbroken trail.
It was time for a big cold snap, and he gambled on it, cutting down the weight of grub for dogs and men.
It’s contrary to the reason of the thing, boy, that a snap should count for a fire, when one is nothing more than a fire-stone striking a steel pan, and the other is sudden death; so get out of my way, boy, and let me show Billy Kirby how to shoot a Christmas turkey.
Now, in duels, where both parties shoot, it is generally the rule that a snap is a fire; and if such is the rule where the party has a right to fire back again, it seems to me unreasonable to say that a man may stand snapping at a defenceless turkey all day.
He could not quite suppress a snarl, but he made no offer to snap.
The snap had taken effect on the shoulder that had been hurt by the lynx and that was still sore deep down near the bone.
Snap scampered into the shrubbery, with a bloodthirsty snarl at starting.
Her hand went out gingerly, and the growl rose in volume and key till it culminated in a snap.
Now, here is a clear gain, in a very brief period, of no less than one dollar and twenty-five cents -- this is in the mere cases of Snap and Gruff; and I solemnly assure the reader that these extracts are taken at random from my Day-Book.
The visitor saluted him with another parting snap, and his nose came down over his moustache and his moustache went up under his nose, in an ominous and ugly smile.
Come here, Killeny," Daughtry began, bending toward him but leaping back from the snap of jaws that clipped together close to his nose