SNAQShort Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
SNAQSome Never Asked Questions
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The SNAQ has 4 questions, each with 5 response options for a maximum score of 20.
Se observaron diferencias significativas en las medidas obtenidas de la BCM: los pacientes fragiles tienen mayor porcentaje de masa grasa y menor porcentaje de masa muscular, sin diferencias en el estado de hidratacion ni en el test de Riesgo de Malnutricion (SNAQ).
Pacientes Fragiles Pacientes no (N=55) Fragiles (N=122) Hidratacion (OH) [media (DE)] 1.02 (1.48) 1.14 (1.51) Indice de tejido graso (FTI) [media (DE)] 16.18 (6.08) 11.80 (5.59) Indice de tejido magro (LTI) [media (DE)] 12.32 (2.49) 14.13 (4.03) Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (SNAQ) < 14 (n, %) 15 (28.13) 27 (22.7) p Hidratacion (OH) [media (DE)] 0.48 Indice de tejido graso (FTI) [media (DE)] <0.01 Indice de tejido magro (LTI) [media (DE)] 0.01 Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (SNAQ) < 14 (n, %) 0.42 Tabla 3.
The SNAQ "has very good sensitivity and specificity for weight loss, and it can predict weight loss 6 months down the line," Dr.
Con el test SNAQ vemos que la falta de apetito, el numero de comidas realizadas y el sabor de los alimentos son factores que favorecen la desnutricion.
"A lot of retailers want to lake a multi-cultural approach to their merchandising and are looking for a Spanish version of the bins" said jill Morrison, the Wenatachee, Wash.-based growers graphic designer who designed the characters and imagery for the snaQ program.
"The snaQ program promotes a healthy message--eat + play the healthy way'--along with graphics that inspire activity, like characters playing soccer, baseball or biking." The bins also include a OR code that links to a Spanish video about healthy snacking.
Se analizan parametros analiticos y antropometricos como albumina y proteina C reactiva (PCR), Valoracion Global Subjetiva (VSG), Simplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire (SNAQ) y bioimpedancia al ingreso y al alta.
"Many times we are asked to supply a snaQ during a halftime sport and we want parents to see that tote bags tilled with Starr Ranch apples are the way to go."
"Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers will focus on two marketing programs that are meeting with excellent response at retail level, the kid friendly SnaQ program and the versatile U-Pick the Flavor program," says Dan Wohlford, national marketing representative for the Wenatchee, Wash.-based grower.