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SNARSierra Nevada Association of Realtors (Carson City, NV)
SNARSeasonal Non-Allergic Rhinitis (syndrome)
SNARStandard Navy Altimetry Record
SNARSociety for No Apparent Reason
SNARSociété Nationale d’Assurance et de Réassurance (French)
SNARSupine Nasal Airway Resistance
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The SNAR was promulgated by the governor in April 2009 when militants were calling the shots in most parts of Pata, including Swat, Buner and Shangla.
High molecular weight poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide)s (PEPO) were synthesized via an nucleophilic aromatic substitution (SNAR) step growth polymerization of 4,4[prime]-bis(fluorophenyl)methylphosphine oxide (BFPMPO) with 4,4[prime]-bisphenol-A (Bis-A) as shown in Scheme 1.
Snar open-weave circular table mat, pounds 1.99, Ikea; polished stainless steel cutlery, from pounds 2.49 each, House of Fraser
Influenced by the dPyal clan from nearby sMan lung and Thar pa gling, sNar thang and neighbouring Chu mig, which had close links, shared an interest in Ma ga dha.
90-97) Territory Ruler Healer 1 Rngegs-smo Gru-bzhi Rngegs-rje Glum-'brang Rngegs-shen Tshe'u Sto-bo So-ngan 2 Dags-shul Shing-nag Dags-rgyal Spro-zin Dags gyi Rgyal- [nad] gshenHo-da 3 Mchims-shul] Mchims-rje Gnyi-zla Tshe'u Mchims-gshen Lo rab 'bring snar skyol 4 Zhong-du Dam-dru Zhong-rje Drum-po Zhong-shin Lon- shin Thang po 5 Rkong-yul Bre-sna Rkong-rje Dkar-po Rkong-shen Dog- po Dog-rnying
Dpal 'khor lo bde mcog gi rnam par sprul pa dang/yul nyi shu rtsa bzhi'i rgyu mtshan ces bya ba bzhugs, Snar thang rGyud 'grel, vol.Pu.
rdo rje kun gsal ma/ sku mdog snar mo na bza' gtsos gsol/ rta sngon po la bcibs/ lha ri g.ya' ma skyol zhes kyang bgyi//
Saraha's work has been principally preserved in translation in a collection of twenty-six texts that are all found in the editions of the bstan 'gyur that I have consulted, namely, the Sde dge, Snar thang, Co ne and Peking.
First he collected a number of witnesses, including many old prints of both the Guhyasamaja Tantra itself as well as old xylograph prints of the Pradipodyotana from 'Bras spungs, Bkra shis lhun po, Ri bo mdangs chen, and Snar thang.
(5) This collection was produced and preserved in Snar thang monastery and is known as the Snar thang edition.
And lastly, we cannot entirely exclude the fairly remote possibility that Chos kyi rgyal mtshan, himself a Sanskritist of some repute (he is sometimes referred to as Snar thang Lo tsa ba) and a student of Chag Lo tsa ba Chos rje dpal (1197-1264), one of the finest Sanskritists of his day, was responsible for the rendition of this verse, meaning that he had access to a Sanskrit manuscript of the text, if not one or both of the two manuscripts R.