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SNARCStuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center
SNARCSouth Notts Amateur Radio Club (est. 1990; UK)
SNARCSpatial Numerical Association of Response Code (cognitive psychology)
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His living room, immortalized in the Society of Mind CD, is packed with interesting things, including two pianos, a harp, sculptures, paintings, old Macs, a SNARC neuron, a small rocket, mementos from many distinguished personalities/friends (such as Bono from U2, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, Gene Roddenberry and the cast from Star Trek, and so on), and plastic storage bins full of fun components, gadgets, and toys.
"We are pleased that ITXC's SNARC program gives tier one and incumbent carriers a no-capital solution that reduces the per minute costs they pay for all destinations while maintaining the quality their customers demand.
On May 25, 1999, ITXC began offering the ITXC SNARC program to licensed carriers who wanted to originate calls onto
For downloadable diagrams on how the ITXC SNARC works, visit
ITXC SNARCs are ITXC-owned and operated IP telephony equipment co-located at a qualified, licensed carrier's premises.
The similarity between the SNARC effect and other stimulus-response compatibility effects (e.g., Simon effect) led Gevers, Verguts, Reynvoet, Caessens, and Fias (2006) to suggest a computational model based on a dual-route architecture.
They failed to find the expected interaction between the numerical magnitude and the spatial position of the target both with vocal response (Experiment 1) and with manual lateralized response (Experiment 2), only the magnitude by side of response interaction (i.e., the SNARC effect) was found.
We expected that the SNARC compatibility might affect the subject's responses because they were lateralized.