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SNARFSocial Network and Relationship Finder (Microsoft)
SNARFSeminaphthorhodafluors (Molecular Probes, Inc; visible light–excitable fluorescent pH indicators )
SNARFSyndicat National des Anesthésiologistes-Réanimateurs Français
SNARFStable North American Reference Frame (university consortium)
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'Snarf's Sandwiches and Brothers BBQ are dining institutions, and Breckenridge Brewery is a pioneer in the Colorado craft beer industry.
The kids may make a stab at nursing, but the mother will generally snarf them off and will be content to let all her milk go into a pail.
While flipping through the latest issue of Science World, you snarf down a burger, a salad, and some juice.
"I can't last all that time," Snarf complained, without food!
By the end of the day most participants had at least signed up to get their own automation system conferences, were wildly e-mailing their confederates, and had managed to snarf a few Internet indexes from the middle of that "pile of books on the floor," as someone once called the Internet itself.
This exclusive debut is $20 and includes a bonus Snarf PVC figure.
To Snarf or not to Snarf was the unusual question facing exec producer Sam Register and the creative team at Warner Bros.
The gang of seven waging war against the forces of evil in the 1987 kids series were Wilykat, Wilykit, Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara and Snarf.
His goal when fishing for these inactive fish is to use a finesse approach of probing holes with lures designed to trigger an "apple pie bite." His theory is that just as a well-fed human resting on a couch won't decline a piece of fresh apple pie handed to him, even a resting flathead will happily snarf a tantalizing tidbit dangled in front of its nose.