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SNARKSRI's (Stanford Research Institute's) New Automated Reasoning Kit (SRI International)
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Today, they let him know the best way they could, with some well-directed Internet snark.
Interpretive essays introduce the six sections: London's East End slums, the Russo-Japanese War, the 1907 Earthquake, the Snark journey, the Mexican-American Revolution, and the voyage of tall ship Dirigo.
During his career with Northrop, McDonnell, and TRW, he worked on various aircraft projects, including the T-38, F-4, F-5, and F-15 as well as the F-89 Snark missile and the Defense Support Program satellite constellation.
Development continued until 1946, when emphasis shifted to the Snark and Navaho missiles.
The snark of Gawker or Wonkette would not necessarily be a good idea for the New York Times.
This reimagining was ill-served by the lazy snark of Perkins and Coren, who presumed from the start that providing for yourself could only be a vanity project for right-on pillocks.
Rowling's Harry Potter stories, Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors, Helen Fielding's recent novel Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Vladimir Nabokov's autobiography Speak, Memory, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, several science fiction novels, Lucian's A True Story (from second-century Rome), an eighteenth-century collection of hymns for children, Dickens' Great Expectations, Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem "The Hunting of the Snark," some fourteenth- and fifteenth-century German nonsense poetry, and surrealist artworks by Joan Miro, Man Ray, Victor Brauner, Meret Oppenheim, Ren6 Magritte, Max Ernst, and Kurt Seligmann.
The Snark, humor columnist for Georgia's Fulton County Daily Report, announced "Big Law Webbies" winners in categories as diverse as "most obscure blog topic," "best full-body-out-of-the-office photos," "best tagline," "most mocked biglaw website," "best headshots" and "worst headshots.
THE SNARK HANDBOOK: A REFERENCE GUIDE TO VERBAL SPARRING is for 'enhancing one's inner snark' to combat bureaucratic failings.
My one-man sneakboat was built by using a discarded Sea Snark sailboat hull as its base," Speller said.
Some who like to lead with the snark will no doubt argue that shows like the Real Housewives franchise, The Rachel Zoe Project, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, or Miami Social are the television equivalent of junk food.