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SNARLSierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (California)
SNARLSuggested No Adverse Response Level
SNARLSurgical Navigation Apparatus Research Laboratory (Vanderbilt University)
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In August 2017, SNARL released their first description of a man wanted in connection with the killings.
The Met has been working with the RSPCA and Snarl, while a PS10,000 reward has been offered to anyone who provides information that could lead to the arrest of the killer.
Why else would you get a fox, cut its head off and then place the body pointing to a children's playground?" He added that Snarl believes that up to 400 animals, mainly cats, have been decapitated and some had their tails severed by the attacker.
A few critics have noted the unorthodox structure of A Blessed Snarl. Martin's novel asks to be read in a unique way, with a greater focus on threading imagery together than on enjoying a more traditional story arc of climaxes and resolutions.
But no, the same attraction to perceptual snarls persists and transmogrifies, and I am instead struck by the courage of the risk taken--of courting the lovely and the lyrical with no easy beautiful-print formulas to hold onto.
This eventually led to a massive traffic snarl on the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway with vehicles lined up behind one another up to the flyover in Sector 31.
I'm sure the traffic can snarl up the city quite well itself without any help on every other day of the week.
Aparicio delivers "The Pill" with a sexy, nasty snarl, and "Brenda Lee" gets a country-rock treatment.
She can slickly place display ads in page layouts and make nicely fitted stories out of the motley electronic jots and tittles that we editors give to her--and so far without a snarl or a whimper.
Makueni county commissioner Mohammed Maalim says the tanker overturned at around 1am causing heavy traffic snarl up.
Mr Crook said: "He would spit at them, play loud music, snarl and growl and bang doors and dustbin lids." In a statement read out in court Mrs Hutchinson said she was constantly anxious about what Herdman would do next and his actions had put a strain on her relationship.