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SNATSource Network Address Translation
SNATSwaziland National Association of Teachers
SNATSecure Network Address Translation
SNATStateful Network Address Translation
SNATSerotonin-N-Acetyl Transferase
SNATSuspected Nonaccidental Trauma
SNATSurgical Nutrition Advisory Team (National University Hospital; Singapore)
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Even though SNAT 536 is evidently an artificial school text, it does preserve some features of an account.
La coordination des nombreuses actions et dynamiques que connaEt le pays manque a l'affirmation du SNAT et a la promotion de l'equite socio-spatiale.
27) Mander refers in his note 19 to SNAT 122, which recorded boats working off compulsory service (ma bal-a gub-ba), among them a "prison boat" (ma en-nu), of 6000 liters capacity, evidently a boat used for transport of prisoners.