SNATISeminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi Informasi (Indonesian: National Seminar on Information Technology Applications)
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Ring got the two axes, and each went his own way; but when the Prince had got out into the wood Snati took one of the axes and began to hew along with him.
'We can do nothing else,' said Snati, 'than attack them, if it is to go well; you will go against the little one, and I shall take the other.'
With this Snati leapt at the big one, and was not long in bringing him down.
Each of them then began to flay their own ox, but Ring was only half through by the time Snati had finished his.
Snati noticed that his master was at a loss, and said to him that he should not disregard what the King had asked him to do; but he would have to act upon his advice, otherwise he would get into great difficulties.
After he had taken leave of the King, and was setting out on the search, Snati said to him, 'Now you must first of all go about the neighbourhood, and gather as much salt as ever you can.' The Prince did so, and gathered so much salt that he could hardly carry it; but Snati said, 'Throw it on my back,' which he accordingly did, and the Dog then ran on before the Prince, until they came to the foot of a steep cliff.
'Hold fast by my tail,' said Snati; and in this way he pulled Ring up on the lowest shelf of the rock.
'Now you must empty all the salt into the porridge-pot,' said Snati.
On reaching the river he went to take a drink like his sister, but at that moment Ring and Snati sprang upon him, took the cloak from him, and threw him into the river.
The old troll now went out with the gold chess-board, and down to the river, and was about to take a drink, when Ring and Snati came upon him, took the chess-board from him, and threw him into the river.
'Now we must go in at once,' said Snati, 'and try to master her there, for if she once gets out we shall have no chance with her.
Snati saw that she was about to attack them, and sprang at her with a red-hot iron from the fire, while Ring kept pouring boiling porridge on her without stopping, and in this way they at last got her killed.