SNAVSymantec Norton anti Virus
SNAVShort Network Allocation Vector
SNAVSyndicate National des Agencies de Voyages (French travel agencies)
SNAVSambucus Nigra Agglutinin V (genetics)
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Other researchers have identified that the irritation value had a high negative correlation to consumers' perceptions of SNAV [14].
Short stays (1 to 4 bednights) was the option for 4% of holiday-makers, SNAV said.
"We cannot prevent clients from going to Egypt but it is our role to warn them about the risk," said Colson of France's SNAV.
SAFE Cruise liner SNAV Toscana docks in Malta with 1,750 evacuees MISSION Marines in Benghazi helping Brits on to HMS Cumberland WELCOME Oil workers arrive in Malta on Saturday after dramatic desert rescue RELIEF Rescued Brit with official in Malta
As the convention concluded with a glittering gala dinner hosted by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) in an Emirates Palace ballroom, SNAV's president Michelle Herbaut spoke of the destination's potential and the business opportunities it holds out for the French travel trade.
Laajimi focused on the importance of the partnership between Tunisia and SNAV which can meet Tunisian tourism new ambitions in tourism world market and more specifically in France.
The Iranian tourism activists and representatives of World Tourism Organization, United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations (UFTAA), Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (MATTA), Syrian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (SATTA), Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (NATTA), French Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (SNAV) have attended the event.
For these flights, I go out and get the student navigator (SNAV) some stick time doing a turn pattern or maybe a level speed change.
(2) Odit France (French Government's Tourism public agency) and SNAV (Travel Agencies National Association) commissioned a study on the future of travel agencies (2005) for which we carried out a consumer survey.
Un constat que le syndicat national des agences de voyages (SNAV) denonce egalement.
Cette ruee fait aussi le bonheur des voyagistes algeriens, a tel point que le President du Syndicat National des Agences de Voyages Algeriennes (SNAV), Said Boukhelifa, a fait le deplacement a Tunis pour, entre autres, eteindre l'incendie de la campagne de denigrement contre la destination tunisienne, une cabale fomentee, de l'aveu meme de Boukhelifa, par certains medias et reseaux sociaux algeriens.
The French National Syndicate of tourist agencies (SNAV) Vice President Richard Soubelle the country's tourism representatives gave detailed information about the purpose of the visit.