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But a blicht cam owre my puir wee flowers, I' the time o' the frost an' the snaw; For they nestl'd their heids i' my sorrowin' breast, An' they droopit an' dow'd awa.
was for Mind you, the same weather-related frustration with summer resurfaces in winter when exiled Scots hark back to the days when 'snaw was snaw', wondering how a smattering (what a great word!) of sleet has brought the A19 to a standstill.
Its junction with Little Stonegate (which in the Middle Ages was called Swinegate) is specified in the plans for Henry VII's state visit to York in July-August i486 as the place where the Woollen Weavers, who presented The Assumption of the Virgin in the cycle, were to greet the king with a pageant of the Virgin, (22) and it is clear from the fact that she descends from 'heaven' and from the scattering of wafers 'in maner of Snaw' that it was intended that they should use their two-storey pageant wagon for this spectacle.
Let ARTHUR'S Seat, and ilka tow'ring Hight, Be wrapt in Snaw, or lost in dreary Night.
Thik drumly skuggis dyrknyt so the hevyn, Dym skyis oft furth warpit feirfull levyn, Haggis of fire, and mony felloun flaw, Scharpe soppys of sleit and of the snypand snaw. (Coldwell ed.
UP in the mornin's no' for me, up in the mornin' early, when a' the hills are covered in snaw - and it's all Boruc, Boyd and Burley.
Whaur Thais, Alcibiades be, Thon sibbit cuisins: can ye tell Whaur clettaran Echo draws pell-mell Abuin some burn owrehung wi bine Her beautie's mair nor human spell-- Ay, whaur are the snaws of langsyne?