SNAXSystem Network Architecture eXtended
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in its sale to US investor group Star Snax, LLC, the firm said.
Perfect Snax is acquiring Oreo-based cake crumbs for its new Cookie Pop product, a wholegrain kettle com rolled in cookie dust.
Cleveland Police say a fake PS50 Scottish note was used in Snax 24 garage in Ormesby on Friday, January 10 and a fake PS20 was handed over in Sainsbury's in Netherfields the same day.
Other companies offer similar style snack packs, such as Irwindale, Calif.-based Ready Pac Foods' Ready Snax, which covers all the components by including a fruit or vegetable with a dip and a protein.
Lawyers for the studio has contacted the owners of Scooby Snax over their use of the name, which they say was named after their pet dog and not the cartoon mystery solving hound Scooby Doo.
Lawyers for Warner Bros threatened to sue the owners of Scooby Snax for using the name of the cartoon dog without permission.
Also on the lobby level is SNAX, a grab and go marketplace featuring a technology lounge seating area.
Old Colwyn: Jubilee BBQ party at Min y Don Park, Old Colwyn at the United Reformed Church, Snax in the Park.
Ready Pac's new line of Ready Snax offers half a dozen options to hold you over 'til your next meal without a trip to the vending machine.
Global Banking News-January 31, 2012--Al Rajhi to install ATMs at SNAX stores(C)2012 ENPublishing -