SNBSouthern National Bank (various locations)
SNBSwiss National Bank (est. 1907)
SNBSan Bernardino (Amtrak station code; San Bernardino, CA)
SNBSecret Nuclear Bunker (UK)
SNBStagonospora Nodorum Blotch (disease)
SNBSentinel Node Biopsy
SNBService New Brunswick
SNBSaddle Node Bifurcation
SNBSymphony New Brunswick (Canada)
SNBSierra Nevada Batholith (California)
SNBShake and Bake (algorithm)
SNBSpecial Negotiating Body
SNBSingapore Nursing Board
SNBStratégie Nationale pour La Biodiversité (French: National Strategy for Biodiversity; est. 2004)
SNBShort Bed Stepside (trucks)
SNBService Nouveau-Brunswick (French: Service New Brunswick; Canada)
SNBSyndicat National de La Banque et du Crédit (French: National Bank and Credit Union)
SNBSport Nautique Bisontin (French water sports club)
SNBSyndicat National des Basketteurs (French: National Union of Basketball Players; est. 1988)
SNBSociété Nautique de Bandol (French: Bandol Boating Society)
SNBStrictly Non-Blocking
SNBSierra Nevada Brewing Company (California)
SNBSee Notes Below
SNBSurface Nuclear Burst
SNBStrengths/Needs-Based (Department of Human Services)
SNBSprawl 'n' Brawl (fighting tactic)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Boude (French public works company)
SNBSella-Nasion-Supramentale (Cephalometrics, aka Point B)
SNBStorage Network Backbone (Sandial)
SNBState Nursing Board (various locations)
SNBSchweizerische Nazionalbank (Swiss National Bank)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Barberot (French restoration company)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Bloch (French construction company)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Brunereau (French: New Company Brunereau; France)
SNBSection Noiséenne de Badminton (French badminton club)
SNBSports Nautiques Brevinois (French: Water Sports Brevinois; France)
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SNB data showed that Filipino money deposited in Swiss banks reached CHF2.59 billion or P136.15 billion in 2018, higher than the CHF2.16 billion or P113.23 billion in 2017.
The SNB would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel Lampart for his service and wish him all the best for the future.
The post 2CRSI to expand regional reach with SNB Middle East appeared first on
The SNB has continued to use foils as one of its primary security features, building on the eighth banknote series that used multiple KINEGRAM patches, supplied by KURZ, to the incorporation of the KV stripe for the new CHF 10, 20, 50 and 200 notes.
Compoter server company 2CRSI (Paris:2CRSI) reported on Monday the launch of an agreement for the distribution of its complete product portfolio in the Middle East via SNB Middle East
The Swiss National Bank (SNB) further said its figures include the "data from branches of Swiss banks in India" and therefore the locational banking statistics (LBS) compiled by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a global central banking body, would be more reliable.
He is to assume the role of deputy head of the SNB's first department, run by central bank head, Thomas Jordan.
According to the SNB, the guards discovered $5,000, $15,000 and $30,000 dollar packs wrapped with tapes.
To check the feasibility of performing lateral supratrochanteric SNB and FNB from a single injection site.
Not like Karimov who maintained balanced relations with Beijing and Moscow, the SNB chief is close to China and does not trust Putin.
"Our monetary policy is clear," SNB President ( Thomas Jordan told Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung.
(1) Obviously, the SNB had limited the number of people involved so that no leaks to the outside world occurred.