SNBUSwitched Network Back up
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Similarly L1, L1 2 SnBu 2, L2 and L2 2 SnMe 3 were remarked with good antioxidant activity.
L1 2 SnBu 2 and ligand (L1) exhibited significant antioxidant activity with IC50 value of 21 and 25 ug/mL and when antioxidant activity was observed with L2 metal complexes then L2SnMe3 and ligand (L2) showed significant activity with IC50 value of 18 and 27ug/mL, respectively.
I first learned about SciELO Books (http://books.scielo .org) when I traveled to Brazil last fall for the Seminario Brasileiro de Bibliotecas Academicas (SNBU) Conference.