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SNCMSociété Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée (French)
SNCMSans Nous C'est Mieux
SNCMSaskatoon Native Circle Ministry (Canada)
SNCMSri Nachammai Cotton Mills, Ltd. (India)
SNCMSwiss National Centre for Mycobacteria (Zurich, Switzerland)
SNCMStandard Neutral Coalescent Model (population study)
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According to Corsica Ferries' complaint, the Commission had not taken into account the net proceeds of the sales of real property assets provided for in the SNCM restructuring plan and carried out in 2003 in determining the minimal nature of the aid granted to SNCM.
The Commission approved a Euro 22.5 million refundable rescue loan for SNCM in July.
Veolia is willing to renew discussions with CDC over a potential sale of its stake in Transdev as soon as the SNCM issue is resolved, Frerot stated during an earnings call.
El SNCM es el que mejor responde al tratamiento, con remision hasta en 80% de los casos (2); sin embargo, alrededor de 70% pueden recaer con frecuencia en el primer ano y algunos ser corticodependientes o corticorresistentes y, por este motivo, requerir otro tipo de medicamento inmunosupresor.
TUNIS (TAP) - French ferry company "Societe Nationale Maritime Corse Mediterranee" (SNCM) cancelled its crossing onboard car ferry "Mediterranee," scheduled May 6 from Goulette Port to Marseilles.
FOR drivers, SNCM ferries serve several Corsican ports from Marseille (
Built in 1966, the Samina was the French SNCM ferry Corse.
Selon des indiscretions, la compagnie francaise SNCM, habituellement concurrente de l'algerienne, a abandonne ses traversees vers Skikda, Annaba et Oran.
The EU Court of Justice's advocate-general proposed, on 15 January, that an appeal from the SNCM (Societe Nationale Corse-Mediterranee, Corsica's national ferry service) aagainst a September 2012 judgement by the EU General Court should be rejected.
Stewart Folster, director of the SNCM, that he would be receiving a financial settlement from the federal government for the years he had spent in the school system and the years of abuse.
While strikes have brought ferry services to Corsica to a halt, the Societe Nationale Corse Mediterranee (SNCM), a French maritime company which serves this island as well as Sardinia, Algeria and Tunisia, has moved into the category of offender in the EU's files on state aid that does not comply with EU law.