SNCPStorage Networking Certification Program (Storage Networking Industry Association)
SNCPSubnetwork Connection Protection (telecommunications)
SNCPSyndicat National du Caoutchouc et des Polymeres (French Rubber and Polymers Industry Association)
SNCPSingle Node Control Point
SNCPSyndicat National du Commerce du Porc (French: National Trade Union of Pork)
SNCPSNChessPlayer (computer game platform)
SNCPSyndicat National des Cadres Pénitentiaires (French: National Union of Prison Officials)
SNCPSyndicat National des Cochers et Utilisateurs Professionnels d'Animaux Attelés (French harness racing union)
SNCPSki Nautique Club de Paris (French water sports club)
SNCPSpecial Navy Control Program
SNCPService Negotiation and Control Protocol
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As an additional testament to the sustained value of SNIA's certification programs, Brocade Corporation and LSI(TM)Corporation have joined five other vendors as the latest participating companies in the SNIA SNCP.
The structure of the SNCP has been enhanced to reflect the advancement and growth of storage networking technologies over the past few years, and to provide for expanded offerings in the future.
SNCP has developed a business plan for SCO that includes unveiling new product lines aimed at global customers.
We saw a tremendous investment opportunity in SCO and its vast range of products and services, including many new innovations ready or soon to be ready to be released into the marketplace," said Stephen Norris, managing partner for SNCP.
The statements contained in this press release regarding (i) the transactions contemplated in the memorandum of understanding and the Company's plan of reorganization, and (ii) the contemplated benefits of the Company's plan of reorganization for customers, partners, shareholders, employees, others, (iii) the Company's business plan regarding new products and services and the pursuit of its legal claims (iv) the expectations of SNCP with respect to the Company and its prospects (v) bankruptcy court processes and approvals respecting the company's plan of reorganization, and (vi) other statements that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements and are made under the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Additionally, this will extend the reach of the SNIA SNCP by identifying new and existing training providers who can reach storage professionals worldwide with increasingly targeted training.
The new SNCP Curriculum Program provides a formal mechanism by which training vendors can validate compliance with SNIA SNCP objectives for their training courses.
All training providers whose courseware has been validated to meet SNIA SNCP objectives will be listed on the SNIA Web site and will be entitled to market their courseware as SNCP Curriculum, validated by the SNIA.
The SNIA SNCP provides a strong foundation of vendor independent, systems-level credentials that integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications.
In addition, the DTN offers integrated features such as Digital SNCP protection, so that carriers can offer 50ms protected services without additional switching equipment.
Explain the benefits of APS -- Present architectures for: -- Linear - 1+1, 1:n, SNCP -- Ring - BLSR, UPSR -- LCAS -- Discuss how Design Engineers can implement APS using PMC-Sierra's Message Assisted Protection Switching (MAPS) architecture.