SNCVSensory Nerve Conduction Velocity
SNCVSociété Nationale des Chemins de fer Vicinaux
SNCVSural Nerve Conduction Velocity (neurophysiology)
SNCVSutton Nature Conservation Volunteers (UK)
SNCVSites of Nature Conservation Value (UK)
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SNCV study was performed on median, ulnar and sural nerves with Neuroperfect EMG/NCV/EP System.
At age 15 weeks, rats were weighed, blood samples for glucose measurements were taken from the tail vein, and assessment of motor and sensory nerve conduction velocities (MNCVs and SNCVs, respectively) and small sensory nerve fiber function was performed.
Bromopropane workers, all of whom were hired after 1991 (1991 workers), had significantly longer DL and lower SNCV than did the age-matched controls (Table 2).
Liverpool has 25 SNCVs and planning guidelines state there should be little or no development upon them that affects their wildlife value "unless there are no alternatives and the development can clearly be demonstrated to be for the greater benefit of the community".
Both sensory nerve conduction velocity (SNCV) & motor nerve conduction velocity (MNCV) of all nerves was less in diabetics compared to non-diabetics.
Up to five individual nerve conduction study attempts per leg were utilized to collect three sets of SNCV and SNAP values, each providing individualized feedback based on the patient's age, height, and weight data.
Findings of the three clinical testing methods employed for assessing nerve function impairment; MNP, MF and VMT were compared with SNCV and MNCV measurement findings to determine the sensitivity and suitability of these testing methods.
Motor nerve conduction velocities (MNCV) in common peroneal nerve and sensory nerve conduction velocities (SNCV) in posterior tibial nerve were significantly decreased (p < 0.05), while all other nerve velocities difference were not significant.
The Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity (MNCV) and Sensory Nerve Conduction Velocity (SNCV) in different nerves studied were compared with normal laboratory value.