SNDESociety for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
SNDESociété Nationale de Distribution d'Eau (French: National Water Distribution Company; Congo)
SNDESchéma National des Données Sur l'Eau (French: National Water Data Scheme)
SNDESyndicat National des Doreurs et Encadreurs (French: National Union of Gilder and Coaches)
SNDESociété Normande de Découpage et Emboutissage (French: Norman Company of Cutting and Stamping; France)
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The SNDE could investigate cases related to anticompetitive behavior, but there was no one to decide them until 1992, when CADE's new commissioners took office.
Effect 4: The strategic management of SNDES and monitoring of poverty for the promotion of sustainable human development are insured
The program refers to the priority of the National Strategy for Economic Development and Social SNDES 2013-2017 "Strengthening basic principles of good governance and promotion of human rights" and the effect of 8 UNDAF 2012-2016 the " national institutions (central, territorial and local) have the capacity to promote governance of human development policies and programs in a participatory, transparent, fair and in compliance with international commitments.