SNDPSustainable Development Networking Programme
SNDPSamoan National Development Party (Samoa)
SNDPShree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam
SNDPSurvivable Network Design Problem
SNDPSpecial Needs Diversionary Program (Texas)
SNDPSoftware Engineering Artificial Intelligence Networking and Parallel Distributed Computing (International Conference)
SNDPSixth National Development Plan (1991-1995; Zambia)
SNDPSustainable Net Domestic Product (economics)
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Deviating from past SNDP administrations, the Romanow government only committed to craft labour legislation built on "consensus" for the "harmonious functioning of labour relations in Saskatchewan.
SNDP was created in 1975 out of Agip Tunisia, which originally used to be part of the Italian energy group ENI.
On Monday, the NSS, which represents the Nair community, and the SNDP, which represents the Ezhava community, asked their active members to resign all official posts in the government and semi- government organisations in the state to protest the remarks of certain Congress leaders against the leaders of the two communities.
The remaining seat of the 45 contested Sunday is still undetermined with candidates from the SNDP and the USDP still locked in a very tight race.
The SNDP is expected to take a call on the matter only after it officially floats a political outfit.
SNDP general secretary Vellapally Natesan retorted that the "CPM had turned a Judas and nailed the Guru on the cross".
SNDP holds a 50% share of the local market for oil products, and operates in five of Tunisia's airports (see the oil refining sector in Downstream Trends).
Project Description : The Zambia Technical Facility for Strategic Response to Government of Zambia 2012-2015 is aimed at enhancing the attainment of the national development results embodied in the GRZ%s SNDP and the UNDP/GRZ CPAP.
The overall outcome at the end of the project will be a better coordinated, effective and efficient UN system that delivers results in Zambia, to support a sub set of national development priorities as articulated in the SNDP.
SNDP sells aviation fuel out of five airports, receiving technical help from AgipPetroli of Italy's ENI group.
Mr Chikwanda said the assistance Zambia received from China was a great milestone in helping the GovernmentEo s industrious quest to fight poverty within the context of the SNDP.
The Direction Generale de la Privatisation in early 2004 began work on an IPO for the sale of a 35% stake in SNDP.