SNDRSubcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction
SNDRStorEdge Network Data Replicator (Sun)
SNDRSignal to Noise-plus-Distortion Ratio
SNDRSun Network Data Replicator
SNDRSpecial Needs Dog Run
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It employs a 2-2 modified cascaded architecture with a single bit in the first stage and 4 bit in the second stage to achieve a peak SNDR of 83 dB/62 dB over a 3.
These products, which will be running on an Oracle database server, include Sun StorEdge Instant Image software, Sun StorEdge N8200 filer and SNDR software.
SNDR Delivers Required Data Availability For 24x7 Enterprise and Dot-Com Customers Designed as a service to the storage network, the SNDR software delivers the required data availability that enterprise and dot-com customers need to enable their 24x7 businesses.
The pipelined SAR ADC developed by imec and Renesas Electronics achieves an excellent peak SNDR (signal to noise distortion ratio) of 70.