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He was half starved; he was an Englishman lost in a strange country, without a friend to help him; his only chance of getting home was to sneak into the hold of an English vessel -- and he had sneaked in, accordingly, at Hong-Kong, two days since.
You say Valdez sneaked into our camp, took the oiled-silk package from the coat pocket of Professor Bumper and went back to his own camp with it, thinking it was gold."
So the king sneaked into the wigwam and took to his bottle for comfort, and before long the duke tackled HIS bottle; and so in about a half an hour they was as thick as thieves again, and the tighter they got the lovinger they got, and went off a-snoring in each other's arms.
And it was said that a belated citizen had come upon Potter wash- ing himself in the "branch" about one or two o'clock in the morning, and that Potter had at once sneaked off -- suspicious circumstances, especially the washing which was not a habit with Potter.
"It was opportunistic, someone just sneaked in" when breakfast was being served and broke the box and stole the notes in it.
According to police reports, no one saw the boy sneak past the kiosk and realized he was there after he had climbed onto the belt.
The contraband is believed to have been sneaked to Mandera from Somalia by unscrupulous traders.
The APC at the weekend alleged that the former vice-president sneaked into the United States of America.
New Delhi [India] Aug 15( ANI ): Teasing his fans and escalating their curiosity, Bollywood powerhouse Ranveer Singh has unveiled a sneak peak of his much-awaited action-thriller 'Simmba'
The total number of those caught trying to sneak across the border into the Kingdom was 21,112 people, 52 percent of whom were Yemenis, 45 percent Ethiopians, and 3 percent from other nationalities.
The Sneak Peek will also be available digitally (ComiXology/
The suspect was arrested after he was spotted through surveillance cameras trying to sneak a backpack with 63 flares into the stadium where the match between Limassol's Apollon and Azebaijani side Gabala was to take place.