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"'Sneb yn Becso Dam's songs are as relevant today as they were in the 1970s when the album was originally released," he says.
? 'Sneb yn Becso Dam is at Sherman Cymru, Cardiff tonight and at Rhyl Pavilion on Monday Band member Dewi Pws was part of the rehearsals
Based on the album of the same name by 1970s band Edward H Dafis, "Sneb yn Becso Dam" goes on tour in July.
Star is promoted mainly as a retrofit for the French 68-mm Sneb and the Russian 80-mm S-8 rocket series.
Thales' subsidiary TDA carried out successful firing trials with a laser-guided 68-mm Sneb rocket in 2008 under the Syrocol programme, aimed at a French Army and Air Force requirement.
The project will culminate in 2012 with a production of Sneb yn Becso Dam, a brand new musical based on '70s super-group Edward H Dafis' album of the same name.
A colourful and powerful theatrical experience, Sneb yn Becso Dam promises to be a real highlight.
The West's big-numbers unguided rocket projectiles are the 68-mm Sneb produced by Thales/TDA Armaments and the 2.75-inch/70-mm General Dynamics Hydra-70 and Magellan/Bristol Aerospace CRV7 series.
"Sneb yn gwbod sut ma' pethe'n troi mas, o's e?"; dyma grisialu breuder bywyd i'r dim.
TDA has been working on the development of a semi-active laser-guided version of the 68 mm Sneb rocket under the designation Syrocot (SYsteme de ROquettes a COrrection de Trajectoire).
'Sneb wedi ffeindio gair sy'n cyfateb i 'glustfeinio' eto a dyw 'llygadfeinio' falle ddim cweit yn cyfleu yr hyn a wneir.
Turning to unguided rockets, the best-known of the well-established types are probably France's SNEB 68 mm and Thomson Brandt 100 mm, Switzerland's Oerlikon 80 mm SURA and 81 mm SNORA and America's 2.75-inch (70 mm) FFAR and 5-inch (127 mm) HVAR.