SNEGSyndicat National des Enseignants de Guinee (French Guinea)
SNEGSyndicat National des Entreprise Gay (Paris, France)
SNEGSociété Nord Électronique de Gestion (French: Nord Electronics Management)
SNEGSingle Nodular with Extranodular Growth (oncology)
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Her seventeenth book of poetry, Plavi sneg (Blue snow), shows again how great the connection between the poet's intelligence, imagination, and emotions can be.
It did not take long before the first discordant voices were heard.(43) Erih Kos's (1913) Sneg i led [Snow and Ice] (1961) was the first antiutopian novel ascribing allegorically the coming of the new ice age to the cold depersonalized bureaucratic system.(44) Likewise, Dobrica Cosic (1921), a Communist renegade, obviously disillusioned, depicts in his Orwellian Bajka [A Fairytale] (1966) "a perfect hell and a false paradise" (Milan Radulovic in Palavestra, Srpska fantastika, 524).