SNEPSyndicat National de l'Edition Phonographique (Paris, France)
SNEPSierra Nevada Ecosystem Project
SNEPSaudi Naval Expansion Program
SNEPSyndicat National de l'Education Physique (French: National Union of Physical Education; est. 1944)
SNEPSimple NDEF (NFC (Near Field Communication) Data Exchange Format) Exchange Protocol
SNEPSyndicat National de l'Extrusion Plastique (French: National Union of Plastic Extrusion)
SNEPSyndicat National des Ecoles Publiques (French: National Union of Public Schools)
SNEPSignal-to-Noise Enhancement Program (US Navy)
SNEPSociété Normande d'Emballages Plastique (French: Norman Society of Plastic Packaging; France)
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From digital protocol to analog RF, and now with LLCP and SNEP, the T3111S system capabilities have expanded with each enhancement to NFC Forum certification.
The solo blast was Snep's third in the two-game series against the Mustangs.
Snep (2-for-2), Mangano (1-for-4) and Michael Gallus (3-for-4, 2 doubles) all had 3 RBI.
Les plus fortes hausses ont ete realisees par Snep (+6 % a 252,80 DH), Unimer (+6 % a 169,60 DH), Brasseries du Maroc (+5,96 % a 1.671 DH), Sonasid (+5,78 % a 1.446 DH) et CIH (+4,65 % a 225 DH).
Lake Zurich (11-6, 4-3) got a homer and 3 RBI from Jack Pfeifer and a double from Tyler Snep.
Dans l'industrie, Sonasid et SNEP se deprecient de 13% et 27% respectivement.
Kudos to the University of Iowa for snapping up Snep. "Tyler brings everything to the table," Bears coach Rick Erickson said of his senior catcher.
van de Ven, Frans H.M., Snep Robbert, P.H., Koole, Stijn, Brolsma, Reinder, van der Brugge, Rutger, Spijker, Joop and Vergroesen, Toine (2016).
Effective population size (Ne) of each breed was estimated through SNP-based LD analysis with SNeP [22].
SNEP a organise des journees[beaucoup moins que]portes ouvertes[beaucoup plus grand que] dans son usine a Mohammedia, pour presenter ses resultats, son programme d'investissement.
The governments 14-year Strategic National Energy Plan (SNEP) 2006-20 continues to develop a reliable energy sector that will provide stable and sustainable energy for all communities and for the country's continuing economic development as it slowly emerges from a period of erratic power supply.
2) SPINS: SPINS (Security Protocol for Information via Negotiation protocol) is used to secure the communication links from active and passive threats offering two sets of protocols, "SNEP and [mu]TESLA [65]".