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SNETSouthern New England Telephone (American Telephone and Telegraph)
SNETServicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (Spanish: National Service of Territorial Studies; El Salvador)
SNETSouthern New England Telecommunications
SNETStart No Earlier Than (project management)
SNETSyndicat National de l'Enseignement Technique (France)
SNETSyndicat National des Entreprises de Tourisme (French: National Union of Tourism Enterprises)
SNETSyndicat national pour l'étude des transports aériens
SNETSociété Nationale d'Electricité et de Thermie (French: National Heat and Electricity Company)
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While its creation circumvented the island's restrictions, SNET is no lawless land.
This additional capacity falls under the umbrella of ENDESA's Strategic Plan and is provided for in SNET's business plan, the objectives of which include bringing installed wind capacity to 200 MW by 2008.
While the SNET factor focuses on the upstream portion of the supply chain, the distribution network structure (DNET) factor focuses on the movement of materials including where to hold inventory and locate facilities as well as methods of transportation.
Through Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, Sterling Commerce, Cingular Wireless, Prodigy and SNET, the company now also operates in California, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Connecticut.
West, SNET, Prudential, Johns Manville, the New York Transit Police, Greyhound, and Grumman Aircraft--have signed on to the legislation.
SBC Wireless' new mobile Internet services will be available to customers in the fourth quarter of this year, and will be available across six SBC Wireless brands: Southwestern Bell Wireless, Ameritech Callular, Pacific Bell Wireless, Nevada Bell Wireless, Cellular One and SNET.
Staples Communications joins companies including Global Logistics Technologies, Home-Link Services, Inc., SiteTrends Inc., SNET Yellow Pages and ReloAction," says David Fiore, Davis Companies' director of Connecticut Acquisitions and Development.
GOENS is president of SBC Public Communications, where he is responsible for 13-state coin phone operations for Ameritech, Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell and SNET. Prior to his November appointment, Goens served as president of Ameritech Pay Phone Services, and over the years held a number of key Positions with Ameritech.
Connecticut's road scene continues to be dominated by Hartford's Bushnell, but New Haven's Shubert, the two-venue Stamford Center for the Arts and Wallingford's SNET Oakdale Theater bring in their share of touring shows, notably the historic 1,600-seat Shubert, where the season opens Sept.
"For example, Southwestern Bell, Nevada Bell, Cellular One and SNET are sister subsidiaries to Pacific Bell under the SBC Communications umbrella."
SNET Conference Calling One Science Pk., 2nd Floor New Haven, CT 06511 Laura Hancock, Manager Product Support 203/771-7046; Fax: 800/462-2205 E-mail: Web address:
It can for Lucent to supply phones to Connecticut telephone company SNET.