SNETSSpecial Needs Evacuation Tracking System
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In this section, we evaluate the performance of the proposed sub-channels allocation scheme for D2D communication in SNets. We consider a small cell network, where UEs are randomly distributed in the small cell.
A hierarchical resource allocation scheme for D2D communication in SNets is proposed in this article.
BASIC SIMULATION PARAMETERS PARAMETER VALUE Maximum D2D pair distance 25 m Available bandwidth for D2D 10 MHz communication SNets Cell radius 50 m (Except for Fig.6-Fig.7) The number of available PRBs 35 (Except for for D2D communication Fig.4-Fig.5) The data rate demand for D2D 2Mbps (Except communication for Fig.8-Fig.9) SBS Tx power 20 dBm D2D Tx maximize power 17 dBm Noise spectral density -174 dBm/Hz Pass loss model for D2D link 148+40log10(d[km]) The number of DTs in each 40 small cell [[lambda].sub.DT] 40/(2500[pi]) The number of DRs in each 100 small cell [[lambda].sub.DR] 100/(250[pi])