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SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNFSunday Night Football
SNFSpent Nuclear Fuel
SNFSaturday Night Fever (movie)
SNFStanford Nanofabrication Facility
SNFSociétés Non Financières (French: Non-Financial Corporation)
SNFSchweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Swiss National Science Foundation)
SNFServer Natural Format
SNFSamfunns- og næringslivsforskning AS (Centre for Research in Economics and Business Administration; Norway)
SNFStrategic Nuclear Forces (US DoD)
SNFsymbiotic nitrogen fixation
SNFShort-Range Nuclear Forces
SNFSun and Fun (yearly spring flying festival in Florida)
SNFSiskiyou National Forest (Oregon, USA)
SNFStavros Niarchos Foundation (Athens, Greece philanthropic organization)
SNFSiuslaw National Forest
SNFSo Not Fair
SNFStanding Naval Force
SNFSocial Network Fatigue
SNFSecret No Foreign
SNFShow No Fear
SNFSampled Netflow
SNFSulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde
SNFSystem Noise Figure (electronics)
SNFSo Not Funny
SNFSabine National Forest (Texas)
SNFSkilled Nursing Floor
SNFSyndicat des Naturalistes de France (French; now Syndicat des Naturalistes Taxidermistes de France)
SNFScoutNet Finland
SNFStrongest Neighbor Filter
SNFSpecial Nuclear Fuel
SNFSupporting Navy Forces
SNFSupplemental Nomenclature File
SNFService National des Fouilles (French: National Excavation Service)
SNFSingle-Net Fault
SNFStandards Neutral Format (QAD Inc. file layout)
SNFSteve Nash Foundation (Canada and US)
SNFSemiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (Australia)
SNFStrong Nuclear Force
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We defined a patient as dual eligible if the individual was Medicaid-eligible for at least one of the 6 months before SNF admission.
Methodically similar calculations are described in the study [11] where calculation code FLUENT (USA) was applied for the analysis of casks with SNF from pressurized water reactors (PWR).
Leader of PML-N Sindh Saleem Zia stated that Mumtaz Bhutto has not demanded any position in the party so far, while the workers of SNF were given some positions.
Implement a provision of the Afford able Care Act, which requires Medicare SNFs and Medicaid nursing facilities to disclose certain information in a standardized format to HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and other entities regarding ownership and organizational structure of their facilities.
Another reason for examining transitions between SNF and other LTC facility stays is that beneficiaries are automatically covered for all drug expenses during Medicare-qualified SNF episodes, but may or may not be covered for drug expenses for other stays.
The aim of this paper is to present the results of investigations into cement concrete with admixture of superplasticiser SNF and control concrete, focusing on the reduction of cement and water content in concrete mixture, also in the aspect of usefulness in building practice.
If you see an SNF patient in the office and you do anything more than an evaluation and management code, you lose.
If current standards are really intended to increase milk's calcium content, local producers would not object to explicit calcium standards, rather than a requirement that they add certain amounts of SNF.
In NATO's Flexible Response doctrine, SNF are the vital link between a failure of conventional defences to halt an invasion, and the launch of US and UK strategic nuclear weapons against the USSR.
The largest hit to operations was an influenza occurrence in the SNF that caused substantial occupancy and revenue declines.
Pro 30(TM), so providers can instantly gauge rehospitalization risk before a patient is admitted to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or even before the SNF approves or denies the admission.
Purchase, manufacture and supply of equipment and tools for the discharge of SNF and RW handling;