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SNFStrong Nuclear Force
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNFShiv Nadar Foundation (India)
SNFShin Nihonkai Ferry (Japan)
SNFSpherical Near-Field
SNFSteve Nash Foundation (Canada and US)
SNFSunday Night Football
SNFSpent Nuclear Fuel
SNFServer Normal Format
SNFSecure Network Fabric
SNFSystem Noise Filter
SNFShared Network Facilities
SNFStandby Noise Filter
SNFSaturday Night Fever (movie)
SNFStanford Nanofabrication Facility
SNFSociétés Non Financières (French: Non-Financial Corporation)
SNFSafety Net Foundation (various locations)
SNFSemiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (Australia)
SNFSchweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Swiss National Science Foundation)
SNFServer Natural Format
SNFSamfunns- og næringslivsforskning AS (Centre for Research in Economics and Business Administration; Norway)
SNFStrategic Nuclear Forces (US DoD)
SNFsymbiotic nitrogen fixation
SNFSave Nature Free
SNFShort-Range Nuclear Forces
SNFSun and Fun (yearly spring flying festival in Florida)
SNFSiskiyou National Forest (Oregon, USA)
SNFStavros Niarchos Foundation (Athens, Greece philanthropic organization)
SNFSiuslaw National Forest
SNFSo Not Fair
SNFStanding Naval Force
SNFSocial Network Fatigue
SNFSecret No Foreign
SNFShow No Fear
SNFSampled Netflow
SNFSulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde
SNFSystem Noise Figure (electronics)
SNFSo Not Funny
SNFSabine National Forest (Texas)
SNFSkilled Nursing Floor
SNFSyndicat des Naturalistes de France (French; now Syndicat des Naturalistes Taxidermistes de France)
SNFScoutNet Finland
SNFStrongest Neighbor Filter
SNFSpecial Nuclear Fuel
SNFSupporting Navy Forces
SNFSupplemental Nomenclature File
SNFService National des Fouilles (French: National Excavation Service)
SNFSingle-Net Fault
SNFStandards Neutral Format (QAD Inc. file layout)
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Various experts note that in Soviet times in Armenia there were no conditions for the SNF disposal, and neither then nor now there were technologies for its reprocessing.
Align SNF PPS Group Therapy Definitions with Other Post Acute Care (PAC) Settings
Our primary outcome was 30-day rehospitalization, defined as any unplanned readmission to an acute care hospital within 30 days of SNF admission observed in MedPAR data.
WEL's weak operations are attributed to its high concentration of SNF revenues and governmental payors, as well as its moderately priced contracts, which have all limited its revenue growth and pricing power.
Beyond Yucca Mountain--the long-stonewalled Nevada repository identified by amendments to the NWPA in 1987--the law allows for only two other nuclear waste options: to build one or more interim storage facilities to temporarily consolidate SNF across the nation until a permanent repository is completed; or use federally monitored retrievable storage (MRS) facilities, in which the DOE could store nuclear waste from commercial nuclear plants pending permanent disposal or reprocessing.
Ayman Ashor, General Manager of Arjaan by Rotana, said: "Our association with SNF and the team goes a long way, and we are delighted that we can express our support for their inspiring work during this holy month.
These cancer treatment solutions will be purchased through SNF as a part of its three-year initiative to contribute significantly to offering efficient, safe and comprehensive treatment of patients with cancer throughout the country.
* Covering market size for the period from 2010 to 2020 of SNF dry storage casks market.
Both the OIG and CMS are now observing ultra-high rehabilitation groups increasing at an alarming pace, while also detecting that higher therapy minutes decline once the RUG assessment period is completed for a SNE Their audits have demonstrated many SNF patients frequently have therapy for only the minimum minute amount so as to capture higher RUG rates and reimbursement for the facility.
When did we ever hear about the skilled nursing sector (SNF)?
Riccardi classified NF into eight subtypes (NF-I to NF-VIII), of which NF-V is segmental neurofibromatosis (SNF).
They will travel 8,000km through Iran, Turkey, Greece, Albenia, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy to raise money for Karama-based Special Needs Future Development Center (SNF).