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SNGSylloge Nummorum Graecorum (Latin; British Academy numismatic research project; UK)
SNGSit-N-Go (online poker tournament type)
SNGScottish National Gallery (UK)
SNGSonda Nasogástrica (Spanish: Nasogastric Tube)
SNGSociété Nautique de Génève (French: Geneva Boating Society; Switzerland)
SNGSatellite News Gathering
SNGSlovenská Národná Galéria (Slovak: Slovak National Gallery)
SNGSynthetic Natural Gas
SNGSong File
SNGSpecial Needs Group (various organizations)
SNGSouthern Natural Gas (Birmingham, AL)
SNGSheyenne National Grassland (Dakota Prairie Grasslands; USFS)
SNGSnapp Norris Group (Salt Lake City public relations agency)
SNGSeward Neighborhood Group (Minnesota)
SNGSuper Nailgun (gaming)
SNGSub-National Government (political science)
SNGSecured Network Gateway
SNGSociété Nouvelle de Galvanoplastie (French: Society of New Electroplating)
SNGSociété Neuchâteloise de Géographie (French: Neuchâtel Society of Geography; Switzerland)
SNGShinjuku Nihongo Gakkô (Japanese school)
SNGSchlesinger, Newman, Goldman (Montreal accounting firm)
SNGSodruschestwo Nesawissimych Gossudarstw (Russian)
SNGSafety Not Guaranteed
SNGSubstitute/Synthetic Natural Gas
SNGSocial Networking Group
SNGSrpska Nacionalna Garda (Serbian National Guard)
SNGSomalia National Government
SNGSubject-Specific Notability Guideline (Wikimedia Foundation)
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The 'Orange customer award' went to Kizzy W, one of the Liberia's best vocalist and producer, also signed by the international record label SNG.
Throughout 2018, admission to the Esterhazy Palace, the Bratislava site of SNG, is free of charge.
Our objective has been to expand Palestine TV's live coverage and we have traditionally rented an SNG monthly for this purpose," says Bassam Alsaqqa, Broadcast Engineer at Palestine TV.
The purpose of the seminar was to create awareness about SNG viability in Pakistan for power generation, industrial, residential use, its technology and cost competitiveness with competing fuels, and to also learn about the policy advancements/market reforms in other natural gas markets where SNG contributes major portion in the fuel mix and is sustainable.
A determined executive dedicated to his company's profitability, Bogdanov also attacked the Hungarian Energy Ministry which was also trying to get the SNG out.
SNG is a principal transporter of natural gas to Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, which are part of one of the fastest-growing natural gas demand regions in the United States.
He said that a district delivery challenge fund has also been instituted by the SNG to promote innovative solutions for effective delivery of services to people, especially women, lower income strata and marginalized groups.
The lawmaker also proposed that the mothballed Bataan Nuclear power plant in Luzon be converted into a gas-fired facility fueled by SNG, with its capacity increased to 1,800 MW from 600 MW.
Therefore, both the PGG and the SNG are social dilemmas.
In the current gas scenario we are focusing to address the vision through strategic approach of SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) which is a blend of LPG - as a base fuel and Air.
Furthermore, El Paso Corporation has granted El Paso Pipeline the option to acquire a further 4% in SNG at USD25m per percent in the next 90 days.
As satellite newsgathering (SNG) proliferates worldwide, including in the Asia-Pacific region, SNG operators who can avoid causing interference with others is a growing priority, industry officials said.