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SNGCSui Northern Gas Company Ltd (Pakistan)
SNGCSubsequent Non-Germ Cell Cancer (oncology)
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Southern Command-funded construction of the SNGC Academy and maintenance facilities near the port of Caldera in the province of Puntarenas.
As per SNGC spokesperson, several notices were sent several times to Prime Minister Secretariat, Parliament Lodges, Federal Shariah Court and Governor House Murree for payment of outstanding dues but they have not cleared their dues so far.
The other importance of CNG is that it is clean for environment, indigenously produced (thus no financial burden on import bills) and high revenues generated for government and marketing companies like SSGC and SNGC.
Same situation is with PIA, Steel Mill, SSGC, SNGC, DISCOs, WAPDA and all the other departments.
According to the chief of CNG association, Ghayas Paracha, the SNGC can achieve the weekly gas saving target of 60 million CFT by closing CNG stations for just one and half day across Punjab but the powerful industrialists did not allow it.
MAHFOOZ URSANI: The tariff of CNG is highest by SSGC and SNGC i.
Addressing the traders at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Tuesday), Arif Hameed, the Managing Director of SNGC, said Punjab is faced with more gas cuts because gas is not extracted from here.