SNHLSensorineural Hearing Loss
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The duration of DM is a significant factor responsible for SNHL in diabetics (chi-square test, p value < 0.
Sudden bilateral SNHL due to PPH is a really rare condition.
CHL can be corrected surgically or medically, unlike SNHL, and is caused by ear infections, allergies, fluid in the middle ear from colds, a perforated eardrum, earwax "swimmer's" ear, or because a foreign object is stuck in the ear.
We also excluded patients with acute subjective tinnitus accompanied by sudden SNHL, defined as [greater than or equal to]30 dB over 3 contiguous audiometric frequencies in <72 h.
However, there are very few studies examining the frequency of SNHL in patients with SIGAD.
In SNHL, both air and bone conduction thresholds will be elevated with a negligible air-bone gap.
The comparison of each diagnosis across the services (Figures 4, 5, 6, 7), revealed that the Air Force had much higher injury rates for NIHL, SNHL, and tinnitus than the other 3 services for all 5 years.
Treatment options focus primarily on the conductive component of the hearing loss, but also on treatable causes of SNHL.
If audiometric testing indicates cochlear damage, imaging generally is unnecessary because SNHL has been confirmed.
When all presenting conditions were classified according to the WHO stages I-V HIV disease classification, the top 5 manifestations in our study included adenoid hypertrophy/hyperplasia (stage I), cervical lymphadenopathy (stage I), CSOM (stage II), OME (stage II) and SNHL (stage II) (Fig.
Hearing loss is categorised as conductive (CHL) or sensorineural (SNHL), with SNHL being further subdivided as cochlear or retrocochlear in origin.
It is suggested that physicians ask for HBSAg test for the presence of hepatitis B in patients with bilateral SNHL with unknown etiology, and be aware that hepatitis B prophylaxis is valuable in decreasing hepatitis B involvement and therefore hearing loss.