SNHSSchool of Natural Health Sciences (distance learning school)
SNHSScience National Honor Society (est. 2000)
SNHSSpanish National Honor Society
SNHSSouthern New Hampshire Services, Inc. (Manchester, NH)
SNHSSalisbury Neighborhood Housing Service (Salisbury, MD)
SNHSSpanish National Health System
SNHSSteamtown National Historic Site (Scranton, PA)
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Participants were drawn from across CPIT management, corporate services and operational staff, as well as academic and operational staff from the SNHS.
Selected participants were invited from the SNHS, namely those with key decision-making and/or operational roles, and staff from the wider organisation, whose roles in the disaster response affected the SNHS.
Selected academic staff from the SNHS were invited to take part in a survey to elicit their perspective.
They made use of the SNHS of 2006 and their own states information to influence legislators to support and pass the Child Act.
Men are integral part of the decision making process and hence need to be interviewed in future surveys with all questions on FGM/C and not only by specific one or two questions as in the case of the SNHS of 2010.
Since its inception in 1976, SNHS has pursued the goal of neighbourhood revitalization and self-sufficiency in south Minneapolis.
Bergin, S, NHS, SNHS, Aaron Burr, Alyssa Caponi, Ellen G.
Cooper, S, NHS, SNHS, Brynne Cummings, C, NHS, Avery J.
Trudeau - Salutatorian, Summa cum laude, NHS, SNHS, Tri-M; Joshua Turini; Caroline A.
Levine - Valedictorian, Summa cum laude, NHS, SNHS, Tri-M; Sheahan L.
KEY: Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude noted; NHS denotes membership in the National Honor Society; FNHS, French Honor Society; SNHS, Spanish National Honor Society; LHS, Latin Honor Society.
There's 1,500 pupils at SNHS and 2,200 at the college.