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SNISMS (Short Message Service) Notification Indicator
SNISistema Nacional de Investigadores (Mexico)
SNIServiço Nacional de Informações (National Information Service, Brazil)
SNIServer Name Indication (networking protocol)
SNIStandar Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Standard)
SNISociété Nationale Immobilière (French: National Real Estate Company)
SNISanity Not Included
SNISiemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG (Paderborn, Germany)
SNISubscriber Network Interface
SNISan Nicolas Island (US Navy operated instrumentation site)
SNISyndicat National des Instituteurs (French: National Union of Teachers)
SNIShelter Now International (German religious and humanitarian group)
SNISNA Network Interconnection
SNISyndicat National de l'Isolation (French: National Insulation Union)
SNIService Node Interface
SNISport Northern Ireland (UK)
SNIStandard Network Interface
SNISustainable National Income
SNISyndicat Neutre pour Indépendants (French: Neutral for Freelancers Union)
SNIService Network Interface
SNISignaling Network Interface
SNISecure Network Interface (web server)
SNISoviet Naval Infantry
SNISolidarites Nationales et Internationales (French: National and International Solidarity)
SNISecure Network Infrastructure
SNIShared Network Infrastructure
SNISocietà Numismatica Italiana (Italian Numismatic Society)
SNIShalom Network International
SNISub-Network Independent
SNISchneider National Carriers, Inc.
SNISyndicat National Indépendant (French: National Independent Union)
SNISCC Network Interface
SNISenior Network, Incorporated
SNISignaling Network Interworking
SNISpecial Needs Inmate
SNISistema Nacional de Interconexión (Guatemala)
SNIScripps Networks Interactive (lifestyle content)
SNISaline Nasal Irrigation (upper respiratory therapy)
SNISwedish Neuroscience Institute (Washington)
SNISustaining Non-major Instrumentation (project)
SNISystem News, Inc. (Coral Springs, FL)
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Operational efficiency was a key aspect for SNI and the ability to integrate seamlessly with the Grass Valley Intuition XG graphics system reportedly saved time and investment.
3% of patients had visual acuity of [greater than or equal to] 20/60 in SI and SNI group, respectively (P < 0.
SNI also receives a P120,000 cultural subsidy from the local government.
Last year, SNI sold an additional 21, 75% of dairy firm Centrale Laitiere to world's largest yoghurt maker Danone for an estimated e1/4278 million.
Meanwhile, rather than dealing directly with the responses of the Islamic kingdoms to the coming of the European people at the end of the sixteenth century (as the 1982 SNI does), Volume 3 first explores the coming of Islam and the emergence and development of Islamic kingdoms throughout the Indonesian islands, detailing the Islamization of Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan.
18 Las comisiones del SNI cuetan con el atributo de valorar el trabajo academico de los investigadores, pero es paradojica que a los evaluadores no se les califique academicamente en su desempeno, sino solo de manera administrativa por instancias burocraticas del Estado.
The FDA SNI provides a first-step level of certainty to manufacturers, in terms of compliance with federal expectations, and assures them that the U.
AaAaAa SNI and ONA announced last Thursday that they plan to merge.
SNI is a publicly funded program to improve services, economic opportunities and quality of life in 19 neighborhoods throughout the city.
Research participants, using laptops connected to GPS receivers and equipped with third-generation sound cards, collected data from the flights to validate a modeling tool for predicting SNI approach noise footprints.
SNI president Edward Camp also announces management changes: Dennis Bombara, VP of engineering and plant manager, has retired.